Wool Dyeing: Copper Penny Blue

Dances with Wools

This dye substance is not a plant, but it would have been available in one form or other to many colonial home dyers. Known as “Copper Penny Blue”, this is a dye that does not need a separate mordant or even heat. The recipe is simple but it does take from 2-4 weeks for the process to complete itself. Fill a gallon jar to about three inches from the top with non-sudsing ammonia and put in: either 2 cups of pennies, OR a length of copper pipe OR a coil of copper wire. Screw the lid on tightly. Let this mixture sit for a week and watch it become a beautiful blue. At this point remove the copper , with rubber gloves, and put in the pre-wetted fleece to soak; varying the time gives different color effects. Some sources say it is also possible to do this with white vinegar…

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Mt. Moosalamoo Vermont

Does Mt Moosalamoo ring a bell with you? Did you attend Middlebury College? This mountain was the destination for our Freshman Hike. September 1954. The first of many in my 4 years at Middlebury. Hiking and climbing mountains was one of my many favorite activities.

Collecting postcards is now one of my favorite activities 60+ years later. And I just found a postcard of none other than Mt. Moosalamoo! Happy memories.