My Friends (Books)

Years ago my mother introduced me to the “My Friends” books. These were a series of books written by Jane Duncan, a.k.a. Janet Sandison. Janet Sandison was a Scottish woman writing in the 1950’s and ’60’s. The My Friends books are fiction but roughly based on her own experiences. She grew up on a croft (farm) in the highlands in Scotland. She started writing seriously when she and her doctor husband were living in Jamaica. in the early 1950’s. (During the 2nd World War she served in the RAF.)

I recently purchased one of Janet Sandison’s books – a title that was new to me. It is titled Jean in the Morning. It was published in 1969, after the My Friends series. My copy its inscribed “To Susan Gray From Janet Nevada, Sudbury Ont., 1974” I look forward to reading it.

New (to me) Postcards

I am exploring my new set up with my computer in a different position. I am in a corner of our “new” apartment. We’ve been here 10 months and are still rearranging the furniture. I am not facing the television screen but I can still hear the commentary. I’ve been scanning some of my postcards, but I can’t seem to get them to a place where I can upload them to my blog. It’s frustrating.

A selection of cards

New York City Vintage Photographs Part II

Love these photographs

Inch High Guy

NYC_11_Lockheed-Super-Electra-Howard-Hughes-1938Pilot Howard Hughes and navigator Thomas Thurlow in their Lockheed Model 14-N2 Super Electra over New York City in 1938. They were in the process of setting the world’s record for circumnavigating the globe with a time of 91 hours. Thurlow was a USAAC officer on loan to operate a “robot navigator”, an experimental device used to plot the aircraft’s position.

NYC_12_SikorskyS-40_HudsonRiver1931The Pan American Airways “American Clipper” over New York in 1931. She was one of three Sikorsky S-40 amphibians and could carry a total of thirty-eight passengers.

NYC_13_USS_Santa_AnaThe USS Santa Ana was a passenger ship taken over by the US Navy and used as a troop transport in the First World War. Here she is seen entering port in NYC in 1919, one of four trips she completed bringing US Army troops home from France at the end of the war.

NYC_14October 27, 1945 was Navy Day in New…

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