My Parent’s Wedding Anniversary, December 28 1935

I always think of my parents on December 28th. They were married on December 28, 1935. 85 years years ago today. The ceremony was held in my mother’s childhood home, on Wildwood Street in Winchester Massachusetts. For the man who was to become my father, it was his third wife. His 2 previous wives had died, tragically. He had 3 children by his 2nd wife. These 3 children attended the wedding in Winchester in 1935. They were aged 11, 9, and 8. Every once in a while in later years, my sister Ruth would tell me little snippets about the wedding. Those memories mean more and more to me as the years go by. Ruth told me how they felt rather awkward but my grandmother was so kind and made them feel more comfortable. These memories have merged with another wedding a year later when my sisters were flower girls at my aunt’s wedding. Again my grandmother came to the rescue.

(These memories are meaningful to me in that I was too young to have any direct memories of this grandmother who died in 1940.)

My mother and father

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