Thoughts On Memory

What is the wiring in our brains such that we remember things – people, places, events, sensations, emotions, etc.? What is the cause of memory loss? Why do memories vary as between people. Why do memories become distorted? Why do memories vary so much as between people? Why do our memories vary over time? Etc. It is a BIG subject.

What is photographic memory? How does one classify it? Exact recall of a printed page?.

I have a case study very close to hand. My husband’s memory is fading. At what point did this become noticeable? It’s hard to pinpoint – everyone’s memory is a changing phenomenon. But I would say it became a factor approximately 5 years ago. I remember myself saying “your memory is shot”. And it has become a moving phenomenon.

In his early 80’s it was within “normal” bounds. Now at age 87 he can still remember the names of our 9 grandchildren and link who belongs to whom. But he can’t remember anything about our house and its location. He can’t understand where or why we are living in an assisted living facility. (We moved 10 months ago.) He can’t remember where our sons and their families live. He is very disoriented, both as to time and place.

And yet in the immediate present he is very sharp. And we have a lot of fun and laughter with plays on words. He is known here in the community of assisted living residents as a witty gentleman with a keen sense of humor! Amen to that.

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