James D. K. Willis, My Maternal Great Grandfather

In my previous blog I used an account written by Florence Reid Willis who is one of my contemporary relations – a 2nd cousin. DNA analysis suggested that we were 5th to 8th cousins. But on closer examination we found that we were 2nd cousins. We share the same grandmother – May Belle Willis.

May Belle Willis Friend – as a young mother with 2 of her daughters in Minneapolis Minnesota, May 1912
May Belle Willis Friend (on the right) as a grandmother, I am on her right along with my cousin Betsy, Winchester, Massachusetts, 1939 or 1940

Florence Reid Willis is the daughter of one of my grandmother’s brothers.


3 thoughts on “James D. K. Willis, My Maternal Great Grandfather

  1. Yes Willis Nisan Englishname. I am a descendant of the willis men who came to Boston and Salem in the 1600’s. I think they lived in Wiltshire in England but I will have to chicken that.


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