Memories of Robert Frost

I went to Middlebury College in Vermont the 1950’s. As you probably know, this was “Frost” country. He had a cottage in nearby Ripon Vermont near the Broadloaf Summer School campus of the College – on the road to the Snowball. As an avid skier I passed his hoe many times.

One of my many stirring memories of my college years was to attend a reading of his poems by Robert Frost himself. This was in 1957?. The reading was held in the living room in Willard, one of the women’s dorms. We girls sat on the floor and Robert Frost sat in a rocking chair and read a selection of his poems. It was just Just 2 or 3 years later he read his poem specially composed for the John F Kennedy inauguration.

Robert Frost (courtesy of the internet)

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