Big Cats – Domestic

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As I sat at the computer early this morning, my cat snug beside me and the computer, I looked out at the apple tree in the neighbor’s and  – shock – what was I seeing in the grass beside the apple tree??.  A BIG cat looking like a wild animal.  I am not in  Africa! This is just an ordinary house in suburban Seattle.  Small houses and rather small gardens.   But this cat was BIG and had markings similar to our now alert cat Katerina.  I googled big domestic cats and found a few    big cat jackbig cat

The Big Cat in the grass near the neighbor’s apple tree started to move – sure enough, it wasn’t all that big – it was just rather fat and fluffy.  Not dangerous after all – and lovable I’m sure.

My photos don’t do it justice.  Maybe she’ll come closer to visit next time.

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