Looking Again At Favorite Books

I used to have a complete collection of books by Derek Tangye, one of my favorite authors way back when. Light hearted and just plain fun – and a great love of cats. A breath of fresh air on a daffodil farm in Cornwall England. I finally parted with my Derek Tangye book collection in order to make room for more recent favorites. But today I weakened and reordered a Tangye favorite – yes they do still exist and I look forward to rereading Lama. I look forward to this easy cat oriented read. This will be a “comfort” read.

2 thoughts on “Looking Again At Favorite Books

  1. I love that you “weakened”. I sometimes think that when we part with a lot of possessions those items that really are important or really impacted us will make themselves known to us. Hopefully we recognize this before we let it go. But fortunately, like with this book, many possessions are replaceable. I’m glad this book is still something you can get. Enjoy the anticipation of the arrival of your book and the savor the comfort of the reread.


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