A 20 Year Plan for Alaska

Wickersham's Conscience

The Trans-Alaska Pipeline in upper Black Rapids Canyon, looking north

One of WC’s readers noted that while WC has heavily and frequently criticized Alaska’s fossil fuel-driven economy, there has been no suggestion of an alternative. WC, the reader suggests, should offer some constructive criticism for once.

Okay. Here’s a 20 year plan to rebuild Alaska’s economy. It’s not going to please everybody – it likely won’t please anybody – but it is specific, constructive and realistic. And it’s not a coincidence that this post comes the day after WC’s blog post on the feedback effects accelerating climate change in the arctic and subarctic.


No new oil or gas leases
The State of Alaska should not itself issue any new oil or gas leases. The state should, in the interests of minimizing catastrophic climate change, bar private citizens, tribes, businesses and everyone else from issuing new oil or gas…

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