Still Recovering

I am still recovering from my recent trip to Boston but I will write soon to tell you all about it. Upon my return to Seattle I immediately was committed to participating in a 2 day craft fair. The fair was a great success. More news to follow.

Not yarns for the craft fair but……..I was selling my multicolored knitted scarves.

The Quacks Attack (Each Other)


Wickersham's Conscience

Convicted criminal and domestic terrorist Dr. Simone Gold receives U.S. flag from Rep. Louis Gohmert on her release from prison

In amazing abuse of America’s nonprofit laws, there’s a “charity” called “America’s Frontline Doctors” that consists of quacks, a small number of physicians and health care workers who are represent the very worst in American medicine. They spread false information about COVID,advocate for dangerous and discredited treatments, engage in fearmongering about vaccines, and attemptto influence state legislation on health care. Idaho’s Ryan Cole, an appalling disgrace to the medical profession, is a prominent member of AFLDS.

One of AFLDS founders and its former president is Dr. Simone Gold. She’s just out of prison, serving a 60 days sentence after copping a plea to participating in the failed January 6 coup.1 While she was in prison, her fellow quacks had a chance to look at the…

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