Revisiting Earthsea

Wickersham's Conscience

Earthsea, the imaginary world of Ursula K. LeGuin

Earthsea is the world invented by the late Ursula K. LeGuin. Across five decades, five novels and a volume of short stories and essays, she created one of the most memorable, self-consistent and vivid imaginary universes in literature. LeGuin, in her lifetime, earned eightHugos, sixNebulas, and twenty-twoLocus Awards, and in 2003 became the second woman honored as aGrand Masterof theScience Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

The Earthsea stories themselves have won an astonishing number of awards:

A Wizard of EarthseaBoston Globe-Horn Book Award(1969)
Lewis Carroll Shelf Award(1979)
The Tombs of AtuanNewbery Honor(1972)
The Farthest ShoreNational Book Award for Children’s Books(1973)
TehanuNebula Award for Best Novel(1990)
Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel(1991)
Tales from EarthseaLocus Award for Best Collection

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