Calling Out the Stupid

Wickersham's Conscience

At times the sheer, perverse, pig-headed stupidity of Americans threatens to overwhelm WC. It’s self-destructive, appalling and likely to be fatal soon if we cannot find a way to overcome it.

You think WC is exaggerating? You think this claim is hyperbolic? WC offers three examples – there could as easily be dozens – to demonstrate the point.

Corpus Christi Bay’s Unnecessary Water Crisis

Corpus Christi Bay and the city of the same name are about half way between Houston and the Mexican border. It has a decent industrial base, but aspires to be a second Houston. In 2017, ExxonMobil approached city officials, seeking a large portion of the City’s water supply so the oil giant could build a $10 billion plant to make plastics out of methane gas. The City, because Jobs!, enthusiastically signed over a large portion of the City’s water supply. A year later, the City did 

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