Art Quilts Exhibition

Here is something different in today’s COVID obsessed world – a live exhibition! This was my adventure yesterday – a live trip to Everett (about a 40 minute drive north of Seattle). I didn’t know quite what to expect. I thought maybe I was going to see an exhibition of well known patterned quilts – Log Cabin etc. But no, the quilts were really pieces of art, mostly machine-stitched, wall hangings. Pictorial for the most part but some abstract pieces. My favorite was actually what I would call the old latch hooked technique,, a representational piece I would have done as a child. But this piece was very large and a reproduction/representation of one of the Cluny panels. A gorgeous piece, mostly reds.

It’s hard to choose a favorite. The 100 or so pieces were all so different. A really inspirational show whether one agreed with the definition of fibre art or not.

One of the pieces was a huge cushion made from colorful strips of rags. This reminded me of the rag rugs I used to weave (and exhibit).

The Best of Show piece was actually a Tapestry, handwoven with hands-on wool weft on a cotton warp at 12 ends per inch.,

So there you are my tapestry weaving friends in Ireland – you could have had pieces in this show. Wish you had been here.

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