Grr My A___Order

The one item I really needed turned out to be unavailable. I found out only after I’d pressed all the buttons. . I am having issues also with all my new postcards and the download sequence. Plus progress is excruciatingly slow on the current jigsaw puzzle. Some days are like that.

Disjointed roofs.


Great ending!

Peter's pondering

This is in response to Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #281 where the given word is COLLYWOBBLES and the word count is 68.


Can’t stop now I have to dash

Or I will be in trouble

Lobster lunch that I’ve just had

Left me bending double

You’ll have to carry on alone

Without my company

Once my tummy’s settled down

Best have a cup of tea

But hang about, let’s not be rash

Lest my tummy has a fit

Especially since I have to dash, ‘cause here it comes, OH


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