Until He Accepts.

Prose & Poetry ♡ ୨୧ 。˚

I remember everything .
From the maple skeis to the soaring eagles,
to children rushing to roundabouts -
and mothers running to them,
During those warm and yellow summers
And blue amber skies.

And the mist, clutching the town in its grasp.
In those cinnamon-scented Octobers-
where we drape blankets over our heads and sleep.
and mark it as an escape.
To dream in order to escape from this harsh reality.
In those autumn-scented Octobers,
Where the leaves transcend to the earth's chest,
and leaves a message of life, then death.

I remember everything.
From the icy cold breeze of the past
that blew ,
through the cracks of my vacant little heart,
and stopped its beating.
And that's when I ceased to have faith
in the growth that takes place,
in the hearts of every Homo sapien-
perched in the dark.
Those whose lives have been turned upside down

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