Nairobi Kenya 1960’s

Nairobi Kenya
Reverse side – note the postmark August 1971

This postcard is dated slightly after the first time I went to Kenya. I first traveled to Kenya in 1964. It was rather a spur of the moment decision on my part. My mother was in Kenya as part of a vacation trip from Nepal where she was serving in the Peace Corps. I was in Berkeley California sort of at a loose end before starting graduate studies. My memory is beginning to blur as to the exact sequence of events here but anyhow I thought “why don’t I join my mother in her travels?” So I did just that. I flew from San Francisco to East Africa. I was booked to fly to Dar es Salaam but the plane stopped in Nairobi and I got off – sounds crazy now but such things were possible then. My suitcase went on to Dar es Salaam. Eventually my suitcase and I were reunited but that’s another story in itself.

So there I was in Nairobi. It was night time. My memory is a bit hazy here but I took some sort of official transport into town and booked into the New Stanley. I think by this point a friendly stranger come to my aid – a mother and son? This is really bizarre but I think she shared her room with me at the New Stanley Hotel. A couple of days later I was walking down Kenyatta Avenue and I spotted my mother and her friends on the opposite side of the street. Needless to say she was surprised to see me!

One thought on “Nairobi Kenya 1960’s

  1. Yes all sorts of weird stuff could happen then, like passengers going off to Portland Oregon instead of Portland Maine or trying to fly to Melbourne Australia instead of Melbourne Fl. and so forth….I always liked showing up and surprising people. I arranged to meet my brother once at Grantley Adams in Barbados. Mum was expecting me but not him and she didn’t see him often so she was thrilled.


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