Trip to Tacoma

I went on a trip yesterday from Seattle to Tacoma. Not a very long trip – 30 miles or so. It was wonderful. Clear blue sky, stunning views of Mt. Rainier and Tacoma harbor. A smooth ride but oh the traffic – high speed on the freeway all the way. Rush rush rush. I wanted everything to slow down and “smell the roses”. Our destination was the Washington Museum of History. Not only were the usual exhibits very good but a special exhibit of Hawaiian shirts was a big bonus. The model railroaders club had a huge panorama of the Tacoma landscape with trains zipping back and forth and around the hills and plains. Very impressive! Then near the History Museum was the stunning Chihuli Wall of Glass. Following these mind-blowing displays we went for lunch in an 1890’s style pub – Mcmenamin’s A nice day out for 9 “old” ladies.