Ryan Zinke: Ethical Superfund Site

Wickersham's Conscience

Secretary of the Interior and cowboy wannabe Ryan Zinke, wearing a black cowboy hat, rides a horse to his first day on the job. Riding on an English saddle.

This post was written pre-surgery.

Under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), commonly known as Superfund, the very worst environmentally contaminated sites are designated for cleanup by a scoring system called the Hazard Ranking System. If they are bad enough, they get on the National Priorities List – a euphemism if WC has ever heard one – and, eventually, they get “remediated” – another euphemism.

It’s an imperfect system, but CERCLA is a start at getting some of the worst environmental catastrophes attended to.

America needs something similar for ethics and politicians. We need a way to “score” their ethics or lack thereof, so that a plan of remediation to address those ethical lapses can be developed.

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Ancestors In Common

A shared ancestor

I wonder if this “Belle” is the ancestor I share in common with Cheryl who commented on my blog recently. Time to investigate.

Or maybe I’ll find a clue at the Northwest Postcard Club meeting I am going to attend later today.