Nostalgic Scene

Broadway Siasconset Nantucket Island Massachusetts

Wouldn’t this postcard make a nice 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle? I am moving into a “jigsaw doing” phase and so as I look through my postcard collection I think “jigsaw”.


A taste of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere as we in the North embrace Autumn.

Something Over Tea

What a joy it is to see so many beautiful flowering plants this spring! The Bontebok National Park did not disappoint. There were many examples of the strangely shaped leaves of the Melianthus major (Cape honey flower). I will feature this plant and its flowers in a later post:

The Cape Sweetpeas (Podalyria myrtillifolia) nodded in the breeze all over the park:

One cannot help admiring the eye-catching Heliophila africana (Sunflax) growing close to the roads:

Then there are the beautiful purple patches of this Erics spp.:

There are swathes of the bright common sunshine conebush (Leucadendron salignum):

I will leave you with this carpet of attractive white African daisies:

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