What Do I Do All Day?

This is in answer to a question posed to me by my cousin living on the East Coast. She is 2 years younger than me.

A typical day in the Terrace. The Terrace is what they call the Memory Section of the care home where my husband and I are living in Seattle. There are 2 floors in the Terrace consisting of about 20 studio apartments on each floor. There is a toilet in each unit but most are without a shower. There is also a dining room for the residents on each floor. Most of the apartments are single occupancy but married couples can occupy one unit even though it is only one of the pair who has a severe memory problem. Presently we are one of three couples occupying the Terrace. (There are several other couples but one of the pair lives in another part of the campus or off campus.) All 3 meals are served in the dining rooms, with room service available on request..

A typical day for me – The day starts early with breakfast at 7:30 served in the dining room. After a leisurely breakfast I usually work on a number of things – writing my blog and working on my genealogy. Lunch is at 11:30. After lunch it’s a long stretch to dinner at 5:30. I can read, work on my current jigsaw puzzle, participate in one of the many activities provided in the Terrace or the main part of this care home. My activities depend very much on how much help is needed by my husband. Professional help is provided by the care home – I am sort of the back-up unprofessional fill-in. Needless to say I am more than that – we’ve been married 54+ years.

In the evening we tend to watch television.

Part of our Care home grounds

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