Word Games

I am currently doing easy crossword puzzles. Although I consider myself to be fairly intelligent I have never been very good at crossword puzzles. I read a lot but that doesn’t seem to transfer over to crossword puzzles. Now I am doing the daily Wordle which I find very challenging. I struggle but I am doing fairly well. Part of the fun is comparing one’s efforts with others, family and friends. It spoils the fun if by accident I come upon the answer in someone’s blog. Please, those of you living in Australia or other parts of the world ahead of Seattle in time – don’t give the current day’s answer.

Dirt Road

State Street Montpelier Vermont

This is a vintage postcard showing a dirt road and an old trolly car in Montpelier Vermont

Montpelier is the state capital of Vermont.

Reverse side of the postcard – note the old stamp and the various cancellations – 1920’s or earlier