Recorder Workshop

Morning consort group with Jack Ashworth

Making music at Port Townsend/Pacific University – near Tacoma. This was one of the workshops at a Recorder Playing Week that I attended shortly after we moved to Seattle nearly 11 years ago. I drove down in my new Subaru Forester. Just stick to the middle lane my son told me. The amount of high speed driving I had done on any freeway system was minimal. Plus the fact that I wasn’t quite sure where I was going. But I arrived safely, not a bother.

(I was actually a very experienced driver having driven extensively in New England and cross-country – before the big interstate system was built. And I had driven in many foreign countries, etc. But as I grew older and I got slower and everything got faster, driving was no longer the pleasure that it once had been.)

I cannot remember the name of the college where this Recorder Playing Week was held. The week itself was called the Port Townsend Music Festival, only in 2008 0r 9 it had relocated to the college near Tacoma. This added to the confusion for beginner and newbie me.

It was a wonderful week! for beginner/intermediate recorder player me. It widened my horizons, to say the least. I met so many interesting people from locations up and down the West Coast. And there were even Irish people there from British Columbia. One of this Irish contingent had even attended the school on the corner of Zion Road where we lived when we first moved to Dublin in 1968.

Most of the players, if not all, were more skillful than I was, but that did not deter my enthusiasm. People were more than helpful and friendly as we navigated the week. And it was good too to explore the campus of this small college, compared with my previous college experiences in Middlebury in Vermont, Northwestern in Illinois, UC Berkelley in California,, and University College Dublin.

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