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I have the Trollope book The Prime Minister sitting on my shelf of “waiting to be reads”

Odd Bits About Books

The Way We Live Now by Anthony Trollope is weighty tome, getting on for 1000 pages, but is mostly an easy read – lots of characters living their lives, all interesting folk and many of whom are deeply morally ambiguous, against a backdrop of political satire and a biting response to the recent financial scandals. Some of it has aged rather well and is certainly relevant to modern day politics.

A warning though: while it is mostly an easy read, there are a couple of aspects of the plot which I didn’t expect and which made me deeply uncomfortable. I suspect that’s what Trollope intended and is no way a criticism of the book, but it’s worth being aware that there are a number of references to domestic violence. The violent fathers and husbands are portrayed very unfavourably, but it does seem to be considered very normal.

And the anti-Semitism…

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