Coffee is one of my favorite beverages. And I had not had even a sip of coffee for the past year………but yesterday I got our ancient coffee maker out of the cupboard, figured out how to assemble it, got a 1 1/2 year old pod out of the cupboard, pressed a few buttons in random order, and presto it resulted in a fresh cup of real coffee. Aah – bliss. I think I’m back to drinking coffee.

That coffee maker is huge relative to the size of our kitchen shelf – that’s why I put it away in the first place, that and a general reluctance to do anything kitchen related when we first moved here. But I guess this could be considered adjusting to living at Ida Culver as opposed to our own home. Adjusting has taken a while. – we’ve only been here almost a year and a half.


The photo below should go with yesterday’s post – Montserrat Memories

Eruption of the volcano on Montserrat

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