Old Categories – New Thoughts

I miss the older version where the writer could easily assign any number of categories to each post. That way both the writer and the readers could easily find posts of interest. For example I could easily look at all my genealogy posts going back to 2010 when I first started blogging.

Please WORD PRESS give us back our Categories.

Black cat – I would assign this image to the category CATS.

5 thoughts on “Old Categories – New Thoughts

  1. Dear Janet we are all frustrated with the ongoing changes / improvements in WordPress that alter s our familiar editor.

    Categories and the ability to assign Multiple Categories to a post still exists it just may be in a different location than the past. Will send you how to links but here is one from the official documentation.


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  2. What a bad shock it was to wake up and find that I couldn’t access the blog tools, they had changed them without asking! I was frantically trying to find the “old way” and was helped by this post, see the comment thread, too, about the changes. Using the link that she posted, I found my way back to the classic editor format. https://catsandtrailsandgardentales.com/2021/03/24/changes-to-the-wp-admin-navigation-revised-support/

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  3. I hadn’t noticed that Categories might disappear. I implemented the setting described in my reblogged post above, and it restored the All List view of posts which recently changed too! WordPress does seem to like to keep us on our toes!


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