A “New” Relation Found Via DNA

I am not surprised to be notified that I have a “new” relation – discovered via DNA. His name is John Willis and he lived in Winchester Massachusetts. Not a great surprise but I am delighted to have him made known to me. My grandmother May Belle Willis lived in Winchester. She was one of nine children who grew up in the Boston area, Brookline and Boston. Many of the 9 siblings stayed in the Boston area.

The John Willis who was identified by matching our DNA is a 2nd cousin twice removed. By examining the 1940 Census I found that he lived on Spalding Street right around the corner from Wildwood Street, home of my grandmother and mother..

John was one of the sons of my grandmothers brothers.

Wildwood Street home of my grandmother May Belle Willis

For John Willis’ obituary see:


One thought on “A “New” Relation Found Via DNA

  1. So interesting!! Did you discover the relation through ancestry.com? I’ve found quite a few matches but the only disconcerting aspect is that many aren’t very active & don’t know much about their family history 😦


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