Missing Cat – Cat Found

Sweet Katerina

A year ago we moved to Ida Culver Broadview, 3.6 miles from our home in Ballard. One of our neighbors kindly said she would provide a safe home for Katerina. All was well I hoped. But then the neighbor moved and news of Katerina vanished. Our granddaughter stayed in our house for a while and Katerina showed up occasionally. so we knew she was well but where was she really living? Our neighborhood cat!

Mystery happily solved! She is still in the neighborhood but one street over. Her name is now “Sweetie”. The new owner/neighbor wants to formally adopt her – make it legal! I am so happy! And it looks as if Katerina is really receiving loving (and luxurious) care in her new home. Her new owner lives within a stone’s throw of our old house but one street over.

How did the new owner find me? Well it was thanks to the microchip in Katerina’s ear. A local vet followed the electronic trail and contacted me on behalf of Sweetie’s aka Katerina’s benefactrice. Clever Katerina, lucky Katerina.

Katerina in all he glory

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