Give Thanks

Rachel, a close friend has passed away, I give thanks for her life and the joy of knowing her for many years. We first met in our freshman year at Middlebury College in Vermont. We lived a few doors apart in one of the Freshman dormitories – Battell North. Come Sophomore year we both lived in the Chateau, again a few doors apart. In our Junior year we were Junior counselors and we shared a room in Battell South. And in Senior year we lived a few doors apart in Forest West.

During our 4 years at Middlebury we shared many activities, both academic and extra curricular. Rachel’s home in Gardner Massachusetts, not too far from my home in Belmont Mass. Our families got to know each other. And there were even points where the 2 families intertwined (one of Rachel’s uncles was the law partner of my sister’s father-in-law.)

After we graduated from Middlebury, Rachel went far away across the Country to Seattle to teach 6th grade in an elementary school in West Seattle. I went only part way across the country to attend graduate school at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, just north of Chicago.

I earned my Master’s Degree in one year and then travelled in Europe in the summer of 1959. When I returned from Europe I went out to Chicago/Evanston to attend another Middlebury classmate’s wedding. In Evanston I contacted some of my classmates from the previous year. That was a pivotal contact. Three of them were driving out to Los Angeles. They were leaving within a few hours and had room for an additional passenger. Well, I was footloose and fancy free and had been thinking of possibly looking for a job in San Francisco, Seattle or Denver.

To cut a long story short, I seized the opportunity to go with my Northwestern friends – on Route 66!

To be continued

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