Give Thanks continued

See my previous blog entry Give Thanks

When I last wrote I got as far as Los Angeles in my account of “how I knew my friend Rachel”

To continue the story, I tagged along with two of my friends from Northwestern to travel north to San Francisco where they had friends. So with friends and friends of friends I went camping up in the mountains on a lake. We camped for about a week if I recall correctly.

Returning to San Francisco, I thought why not continue on north to Seattle and visit Rachel. I took the scenic route north via Greyhound Bus and proceeded to visit Rachel in West Seattle. Again, a turning point developed. Fortune had its way and I subsequently spent 8 months in Seattle.

In June of the following year, Rachel and her parents and I drove together, in 2 cars, to return to our New England roots. I think the highlight of that trip was visiting Yellowstone National Park and witnessing Old Faithful’s hourly eruption.

The years passed – Rachel went to teach in a U.S, Army school in Heidelberg Germany. I went to work for Arthur D. Little, a management consulting firm in Cambridge Massachusetts. I had a combination business and vacation trip to Europe. Rachel suggested meeting in London. We agreed to meet at the Cheshire Cheese near St Paul’s Cathedral. We met at the appointed time but Rachel was in a bit of a flap as she was temporarily parked illegally nearby. It was unusual for Rachel to be fussed but we scurried off to her little Volkswagen beetle and hurried away to our lodgings.

We spent a few days in London together and then went our separate ways to Heidelberg and Zurich. After my business week in Zurich, I went to Heideburg to spend a few more days with Rachel.

Rachel’s next teaching post was in Lexington Mass – we shared an apartment. in nearby Cambridge, along with a mutual close friend Lucy. Soon, Lucy and I were the bridesmaids for Rachel and Jim’s wedding.

Rachel and Jim moved to Colorado. I moved to San Francisco/Berkeley and then to Nairobi Kenya. On the way to Nairobi from San Francisco, I stopped in Colorado to visit Rachel. She had given birth to Phil and I remember being given a demonstration of how to change a diaper.

The years passed……..the next installment of this saga will be forthcoming in Part 3

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