Giving Thanks, Part 3

My friend Rachel, a good friend indeed this is a continuation of 2 previous blog entries

The years passed, each of our families grew. I think the next time we got together was in Hawaii in Hilo on the Big Island. Rachel and her family were holidaying in her cousin’s house in Hilo. We were holidaying with my mother where she lived on Maui. We all flew over to Hilo to stay with the Benders. Their sons were slightly older than our 3 but the mix was good.

A few years later we visited the Benders en famille again another time – this time in their home in Boulder Colorado. A memorable time. Jim wondered at my husband Ian’s love of hardware stores and our sons wondered at the complexity of a fort built by the Bender boys.

The years passed – letters and occasional phone calls, a visit to Gardner when we were staying with my sister Ruth in New Hampshire.

In the year 2000 our son James and Susan were married in Court Room 9, Seattle City Hall. Rachel came from Boulder to be there. I heard a gasp as I came into the court room – “There’s Jan wearing a hat!’ We snatched a few moments together over the course of those busy wedding days.

Our 50th Reunion at Middlebury in 2008 marked another meeting.

In 2010 we moved from Dublin to Seattle. Shortly after we came, Jim and Rachel came to Seattle as part of an Elder Hostel trip and they included a few days in Seattle to visit with us (and a few other old haunts).

What a joy and a blessing to have known Rachel and her family. May she Rest in Peace.