Happy Birthday to Bob

Who is Bob you ask. The Bob whose birthday was yesterday January 3 is my eldest nephew. ( I have 21 nieces and nephews.) Now I have to find the photo of Bob’s fond parents gazing at him in the bassinet. He was born in 1951. So this was a big birthday for Bob – now 70 years old and a Grandpa.

I think thetis Bob in the back row on the right in the blue shirt

This photo was taken at a family reunion a few years ago. The reunion was held at his brother Scott’s home in Massachusetts. I missed that reunion, alas

Under a Blood Red Sun Book Review

Lest we forget.

Inch High Guy


Under a Blood Red Sun: The Remarkable Story of PT Boats in the Philippines and the Rescue of General MacArthur

By John J. Domagalski

Hardcover in dustjacket, 304 pages, appendices, notes, bibliography, and index

Published by Casemate, October 2016

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1612004075

ISBN-13: 978-1-61200-407-5

Dimensions: 6.3 x 1.2 x 9.1 inches

At the beginning of World War Two the U.S. Navy had three Motor Torpedo Boat Squadrons (MTBRON) deployed in the Pacific.  MTBRON One was assigned to Pearl Harbor, MTBRON Two was assigned to the Panama Canal Zone, and MTBRON Three was assigned to the Philippines.  Lieutenant John D. Bulkeley was the Commanding Officer of Squadron 3’s six Elco 77’ torpedo boats.  The Japanese attacked the Philippines on 08DEC41 local time, destroying much of the U.S. airpower.  U.S. and Philippine forces never recovered from the initial Japanese strikes and fought on the back foot for the next six months…

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