A Scary Tale

Image borrowed from a friend in Ireland, a crevice in rocks in County Tipperary.

Years ago my sister Ruth and I were enjoying an expedition to Lynn Beach and the rocks at adjoining Nahant. We had our dog Duchess with us. We were having a wonderful time clambering over the rocks when suddenly Duchess disappeared. She had accidentally fallen down a crevice similar to the one pictured above. She was wedged far below where the wedge narrowed sufficiently to stop her fall. We were so alarmed!! And scared!! Duchess looked up at us – such pleading in her eyes. We felt so helpless as to how to rescue her. Call the fire department? This was long before the days of mobile phones. But we didn’t have too long to wait – a very helpful member of the public managed to get down to the area near the bottom of the crevice and he somehow helped Duchess get free and she returned to us unscarred by her adventure. We were so happy and relieved!!

A photo of Duchess, part Collie, part St. Bernard. (with my brother Bob)

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