Raise Your Hand If You Remember …….

Raise your hand if you remember the Enniskerry Pottery. As one traveled south from Dublin out through Dundrum to Enniskerry and drove or cycled (or walked) down the final hill, this little shop/craft studio was located on the left hand side of the road just outside Enniskerry Village. (Just before the left turn to go to Bray). Enniskerry Pottery, run by 2 young women, Month Parkes and her friend, whose name I can’t remember. A cosy little studio/shop. Eventually it closed, remained abandoned, and was torn down. Sadly, Monah was an early victim of cancer.

Years ago I lived in St. Lucia in the West Indies. It was idyllic for our young family with 3 little boys. I took up sewing and also embroidery. I had a pattern on canvas and created a large picture using different embroidery stitches. I spent many an hour with my neighbor and good friend Mary Moore chatting away and working on my stitches while our young children played. It was a steep learning curve. Anyhow I eventually finished this large piece, which was a rather charming picture a girl on a swing. I had it framed. What to do with it?? In due course we returned to Dublin and I tried to sell it. I had it for sale in the Enniskerry Pottery – date 1974/75.

We weren’t back in Dublin for very long. A few months after our return from St. Lucia, we went to Fiji, really on the other side of the world. And that was the last I heard of the Enniskerry Pottery and my lovely wallhanging, the girl on a swing, outlined by embroidery stitches. I didn’t even have a photograph of the embroidery or the Enniskerry Pottery.

I actually do have the embroidery book I purchased in St. Lucia – it is sitting on my shelf right here at Ida Culver Broadview. That book is full of memories!