My Neighbor’s Wedding in 1922

I have been doing a bit of research on my childhood neighbors. A large family, the Fahey’s, lived just around the corner on Essex Road. There were 7 children ranging in age from that of my older brother and sisters down to a girl just 3 years older than me. They were a friendly outgoing family and I played with the younger members occasionally. They had a basketball net in their driveway and games of basketball occurred fairly regularly. Thanks to I have been able to gather some new, and old, information about the family.

The family have all passed away now. My particular friend and the youngest of the 7 children passed in 2017 at the age of 84. She married in 19?? and had 7 children. The family lived in Acton, another suburb of Boston.

The father died of a sudden heart attack in 1955 (just 6 years after my father had suffered a similar fate).

The mother was a graduate of Radcliffe College and taught for a while before she married.

I am trying to include a newspaper clipping of the marriage of the mother and father in 1922, almost 100 years ago. Watch this space.