A Fan Of Elspeth Huxley

Elspeth Huxley wrote many books about her life in Kenya in the early 1900’s. Possibly the most famous of her writing was The Flame Trees of Thika – a memoir of growing up in Thika (near Nairobi) in the early 1900’s.. I have read this book several times. In it she refers to the waterfalls nearby. I have lived in Kenya, both in the 19960’s and the 1990’s, but I have never seen these waterfalls. Now I have found a postcard of these falls. – that will have to do for now. Since Elspeth’s time, Nairobi has grown so much that Thika is now almost a part of Nairobi instead of being an outlier 30 hard trekked miles away.

Fourteen Falls, Thika

Reverse side

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