Two More Cards From The Roosevelt Expedition

Hippopotamus in the Swamp

Hippopotamus in the Swamp. The hippopotamus is found in every river with water enough to cover him when he lies down, and in nearly every lake and marsh in the Uganda Protectorate, in which the Roosevelt party are now hunting. He isa serious impediment to navigation at the northern end of Lake Albert and on the Upper Nile. There is no immediate danger of his becoming extinct, for in the vast marshes he is hard to reach and for years to come is to a great extent safe from the white man’s bullets. This is a direct photograph, taken, as will be noticed, at close range, and shows the animal feeding in the swamp.

Rhinoceros at Rest

Rhinoceros at Rest. The Roosevelt photographer who took this picture of a rhinoceros sunning himself on his native belt, had a narrow escape. The animal charged him and he had to flee, leaving his camera. The rhinoceros is the most dangerous animal in the African wilds, as he has a very uncertain temper and will often charge a man without the slightest warning. He is, however, very stupid and almost blind and cannot see anything distinctly at a distance of ten yards. The recourse of the hunter is to remain still and the chances are very good that the rhinoceros will miss him in his charge. They have been known to have horns as long as 47 inches.

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