I Never Knew…..

I never knew that my husband had a “hidden” aunt. This aunt died in 1916 – to my knowledge she was never mentioned. My mother-in-law often talked of losing her first born at the age of 5 or 6 days but never of her older sister who died at the age of 20.

She was born long before my husband was born in 1933. Eileen Elizabeth born 1896, died 1916. Through my genealogy research I discovered her. To be truthful, my daughter-in-law discovered her.

Working On My Postcard Collection

I’ve been working on my postcard collection, trying to put more order into the growing pile of cards. I have favorite categories and albums for each one. So far, my categories are Africa, Ogunquit Maine, Middlebury College, Nantucket,, Dogs and Cats, Boston Massachusetts.

It would be nice if I were starting from scratch but I already have my albums more or less filled at random. So I am shuffling cards around.

e.g. Here’s a nice old card of Lake Dunmore and Mt. Moosalamoo in the Green Mountains in Vermont. This card will be in the Middlebury College group. Mt Moosalamoo was the destination for our freshman hike at Middlebury College in 1954.

Mt Moosalamoo, Lake Dunmore in the Green Mountains


Note: Why is the size of the photo of front of the card larger than the photo of the message side? Answer: I don’t know.