Here it is 3 days before Christmas and I feel distinctly disorganized. And presents are at the top of my list. Presents for my nearest and dearest that is. What to do? Dash out like the reindeer and buy SOMETHING. I sit at my desk and dream of foreign places. Keep tapping away to see other friends messages of joy and goodwill? Let me look for a postcard to illustrate my point.

Watching Lioness and Cub in Ngtorogoro Crater

Inadvertently I have chosen a postcard/photo that is very timely. It reminds me of a Christmas spent many years ago. It was Christmas time 1966 when I was in Manyara and Ngorogoro Crater. I was with my boy friend (funny term that) and we were merry travelers visiting Manyara for Christmas lunch and then Ngorogoro for Christmas dinner. A wonderful memory of happy times. We married a year later. The happy times continued for 54 years. Now he has “passed” but I have countless HAPPY MEMORIES.

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