Further Memories of Ngorogoro Crater

My first trip to the Crater was in 1964. I was on a safari with my mother and we we staying at Manyara. A day trip was being suggested by one of the other guests. My mother wasn’t interested but I was so off I went with another unknown man and woman. All was reasonably well until……..we weren’t finding any lions and the woman just had to see a lion. We drove and we drove and we drove around the crater floor – not a lion to be found. As the afternoon continued with this scenario, I felt ready to strangle this woman and leave her to be found by a passing beast – preferably a lion! Unkind thought. Eventually, thoroughly regretting having joined this safari, we drove back to Manyara. Safaris with strangers can be a mistake!.

Here’s a postcard of a more fortunate group.

Watching Lioness and Cub in Ngorogoro Crater

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