A Snippet From The Past

From a letter written by me in late April 1991 – that’s approximately 30 years ago.

At that time I was living in Nairobi Kenya and my husband Ian was working at the United Nations office of the UNCHS, situated in Nairobi. UNCHS stood for United Nations Centre for Human Settlement. Most of my husband’s work involved travel to countries in Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

I quote from my letter written to my mother in Hawaii:

“Ian phoned last night from Islamabad to report that he was back after his week in Kabul. I was particularly glad to hear from him as there was news of renewed fighting in Afghanistan yesterday. When I heard that news on Kenya television I wondered if the UN plane would have flown yesterday_____answer, it did. Ian and the one other passenger (a friend of a friend) flew in the smaller UN plane – not the one used by the Under-Secretary General – I happened to hear on Radio Moscow that the bigger plane was being used by the UN man to go on a special mission to Teheran” end of quote from my letter

Back in Nairobi I was dealing with problems of having proper office space at my job with the U.S. Library of Congress Field Office and issues over a partner for a ladies tennis doubles competition. Different from Russian missiles and top level missions to Teheran.

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