I Am Struggling To Tell You…….

Yes I am struggling to tell my readers that my husband has passed away. We had 54 years together. Wonderful years. Now there is so much to share with you about our life together but for now just join me in saying/feeling may he Rest in Peace.

Janet, Janet’s husband Ian, Janet’s sister Ruth

photo taken in Milford New Hampshire not too long ago

11 thoughts on “I Am Struggling To Tell You…….

  1. Such a lovely photo of you with Ian and Ruth. 54+years of memories. I look forward to seeing what you share here. For now, thoughts and feelings with you that he Rest In Peace. 🫂♥️


  2. Having been away for a while, it has taken time to get through mails. My thoughts are with you: 54 years together means a whole host of memories. I hope the best ones remain with you for a long time.


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