Memory Test For Readers Of My Blog

How many of my readers know?

A. That my father died when I was in 7th grade

B. That my classmates in English class had to write letters of condolence

N.B. I saved these letters for many years. I suppose they disappeared in a general clearance when the house was finally sold. And I was far away in Africa.

Review – Admiral of the Windrush

Just think………

Broadsides - A collection of bits and pieces

This was a very sad piece of theatre. Shakespeare sad. A tragedy, on a stage upon which we all played a part. From the reluctant welcome of the original black Windrush passengers, bus drivers, NHS workers, pushed into low standard accommodation, rooms, crowded and cold, to the hostile environment created by Theresa May, to the who gives a shite attitude of most of us, to the Kafkaesque nightmare of families, here for 50 years or more, with children and grandchildren, required now, to prove to the Home office who they were and where they have been, in order to stay in the country to which they have devoted their lives, to which they are as loyal as any Englishman or woman, with the possible exception of when they support the West Indies cricket team.
This is such an important and emotional piece of theatre. Poignant, tragic. The Admiral came on…

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