Brush and Needle Studio, Ogunquit Maine

I have been on the lookout for hand colored postcards published by the Brush and Needle Studio in Ogunquit Maine. I haven’t come across any yet……..but wait, here is one right under my nose.

The Rocky Beach at Oar Weed Cove, Ogunquit Maine
Published by Brush and Needle Studio, Ogunquit, Maine

I was about to dismiss this card as being quite uninteresting, but then it sort of popped out at me that this was exactly (almost) what I was looking for. It must have been a very early one published by the Brush & Needle. I had been looking for hand-colored cards and hadn’t realized there were black & white ones. The B&N Studio was just across the street from Oar Weed Cove.

I worked and lived in the Studio the summer of 1957. The artist who did the cards was sort of like a grandmother to me and I became very fond of her and her sister. We are in fact related – these sisters were my uncle’s mother and aunt – Mimi and Auntie Alma.

Time moves on and the Brush and Needle became and is still Barnacle Billie’s!

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