Guest Blog Post: Abortion, Morality and the Law

Wickersham's Conscience

An essay by David James, of Fairbanks, Alaska, that is dead on.

Illustration credit: Amnesty International

Morality is not simple. It’s easy to hold absolute positions in the abstract, but when human realities intrude, what seems straightforward becomes complex. For instance, the Ten Commandments state, “Thou shalt not kill.” No exceptions. Yet the Bible is littered with exceptions, because it isn’t that simple. Our modern laws reflect this. Killing others is forbidden, but we make allowances for self-defense, warfare, and public safety. Self-defense is key, because to prosecute a person for defending themself against another is to victimize the victim. There is neither justice nor morality in this.

Days after the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade, we are seeing this concept play out against an impregnated ten-year-old rape victim in Ohio. She was denied an abortion because the state had a trigger law take effect banning the procedure regardless…

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