The Black Necked Crane

Have you ever heard of the Black Necked Crane (Grus Nigricollis)? I have been sorting through some old correspondence and I found the following:

The Black Necked Crane

This was a card sent by the Chief Justice of Bhutan. Losar Greetings for the Fire-Rabbit Year

Losar Greetings for the Fire-Rabbit Year

Viewed from the twin distances of time and space I find this card very special. I am glad I saved it.

According to Wikipedia this bird is a medium sized crane found in Asia. It breeds on the Tibetan Plateau and is found on the high plateaus of India and Bhutan. It is an endangered species. It is the state bird of Ladakh and in Bhutan a special festival is held in honor of it.


A very impressive list of sightings – in South Africa!!

Something Over Tea

Even though I have been extraordinarily busy this month, it has been a particularly satisfying one in terms of bird visiting our garden. One of the loveliest surprises was hearing the beautiful burbling sounds of a Burchell’s Coucal from deep within the foliage: I have yet to see it, but it has clearly made its presence known. Very few African Green Pigeons are left; most have probably sought an easy source of food elsewhere as the figs on the Natal fig tree have almost come to an end. The Olive Thrushes remain welcome visitors to the feeding tray, although a pair of them spend a lot of time chasing each other around the garden – a form of courting? Certainly the weavers think that spring is around the corner and are looking more beautiful every day. The very large flocks of Red-winged Starlings have also diminished along with the plentiful…

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