Beach Hotel

Nyali Beach Hotel, Mombasa Kenya

This hotel was a family favorite for many years. Now, 60 years on, I wonder if it still exists.

I found this old postcard in a pile of old correspondence which my mother had saved and then returned to me 20 years ago. I in turn saved that old correspondence and am just looking through these treasures now. Someone along the way had clipped the postcards – maybe a stamp collector? This particular card was postmarked Nairobi December 1966.

I googled to find a plethora of beach hotels in the Mombasa/Nyali area. The beach hotel scene has expanded (=exploded)..The quaint old hotel scene is long gone. I am glad I knew it when – long ago.


Up close and personal. Viewing elephants when one is in a tiny VW beetle – we were intimidated!!

Something Over Tea

A distinct advantage of visiting the Addo Elephant National Park is that one can enjoy close encounters with the elephants there. Of course one has to be careful and remain vigilant: they are wild animals after all. Here are four examples of the fascination I find in seeing elephants up close. The first shows a fine set of tusks on an elephant next to the road:

The plant on the right hand side of his trunk is Spekboom (Portulacaria afra), a favourite food of the elephants.

This elephant had just emerged from a mud bath when it walked across the road:

Elephants frequently either have mud baths or splash mud over themselves to protect their skin from insect bites.

Of course it is essential to drink water regularly – even the tiniest trunks get to master this important task:

These elephants were at the Hapoor Waterhole – a…

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