Elephants in South Africa.

Something Over Tea

It is time to revisit elephants, I think, and where better to search for pictures than to go through my folders of the Addo Elephant National Park. Elephants are such photogenic creatures that I have endless images of them. In this post I will feature elephants drinking at various waterholes within the park. The first is of a lone elephant at the Peasland waterhole in 2015 – before it was decided to surround it with a rectangular seclusion barrier with electrified strands hanging down so that smaller species of animals would be able to drink without having to compete with elephants. This elephant swished the water around like this for a while before it actually began drinking.

These three elephants are also at Peasland in those early days. You can see that between them they have literally drunk the artificial waterhole dry! There’s not much room for any other animals…

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