New/Old Relatives

As a young man, my paternal grandfather Charles Dana Miller, fought in the Civil War, North vs South. Serving in an Ohio Regiment, my grandfather was on the Union side. He survived the War and shortly afterward, in 1865, he married and had 2 children. Sadly his young wife died following the birth of the 2nd child. As I understand it, his parents helped in looking after the grandchildren. Years passed and eventually he sought additional help with the children, and this is where Mary Murdock, a young girl living in Crown Point New York, was asked to come out to Ohio to be a housekeeper for Charles. (I suspect that she and her family were known to Charles and maybe even related.)

Well, the marriage took place in November 1882 in Crown Point New York between Charles Dana Miller and Mary Murdock. They are my grandparents. My father was born to them in 1891.

But what of the daughter and son born to my grandfather Charles Dana Miller and his first wife Lucy Gilman Jewett. The daughter remained in the Newark area. She married and had several children. To date I have not identified that line of step relations.

No it is the infant son, Charles Dion Miller, born 1867, whose path I have traced. When he grew up he married a woman named Maud Parr. That family had a farm in Iowa. The descendants in turn gravitated to Colorado. be continued

Return of Bird of the Week: Resplendent Quetzal

Lots of information for bird lovers.

Wickersham's Conscience

Resplendent Quetzal Male, Costa Rica

A supremely lovely bird; the most beautiful, all things considered, that I have ever seen. He owes his beauty to the intensity and arresting contrast of his coloration, the resplendent sheen and glitter of his plumage, the elegance of his ornamentation, the symmetry of his form, and the noble dignity of his carriage.

Alexander Skutch, Life history of the Quetzal, Condor. 46: 213-235 (1944)

This is, for WC, the most beautiful bird in the world. WC has only seen the species twice, and only gotten a photo the second time. It was a mess. WC’s tripod had jammed, and could only be used as a monopod. The bird was badly backlit, and the wind was making that breathtaking tail flutter all over the place. WC has reprocessed the image for this post, but it’s still a little soft.1 Even so, this comes reasonably…

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