May 1, 2022

May Day. May 1. I always think of my maternal grandmother on this date May 1. My maternal grandmother was born on May 1, 1874. And on that spring morning she was named May Belle. May Belle Willis, 1872-1940. She lived a full life – born in Boston, attended. Wellesley College, married an MIT graduate, moved to Minnesota, gave birth to 4 daughters, moved to Omaha, sadly buried one of the twin daughters, moved back to the Boston area, wrote and taught music, an active member of the Baptist church and the Winchester Community, raised the 3 daughters who in turn married and had children so May Belle was grandmother to 3 grandchildren before she passed away in 1940 at age 68.

Sadly I did not get to know my maternal grandmother as I was only 3 I/2 years old when she passed away.

My maternal grandmother’s home in Winchester Massachusetts. This house is still there.
From left to right, My great-aunt, me (Janet), my cousin Betsy, and our grandmother in the late 1930’s


Books Read – April 2022

The Greengage Summer by Rumor Godden

The Bolter by Frances Osborne

Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro

The Painted Drum by Louise Eldrich

Palace Walk by Naguib Mahfouz

The list is for April is not very long but each selection was very good. Excellent reading and I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite.

Postcard Scanning

I am having trouble with scanning my photos and postcards. I scan the postcard and I give it a name and save it. It should be easy to find. Well, it isn’t. I keep getting an old list of items scanned some time ago. Here is an example: I scanned a postcard of Lyme Regis (town in England). The image was from An Original Watercolor Drawing by A. R. Quinton. I save the scan in a Local Folder 20xxxxxx Lyme Regis. Then when I try to call it up for my blog, I get a file of older items that I have scanned.