Army Life – Lad’s First Letter Home (2) – Training Continues – May 17, 1942

Army life.

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

Lad’s first letter home to his father and the rest of the family continues with Lad’s detailed training activities at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, where he is part of an Ordnance Battalion.

Lad - 1943

Alfred Peabody Guion (Lad)


Due to the issue of rifles last night, I did not have time to complete this letter. And it looks as though I may not have time to finish it tonight. We are to have a lecture at 8 PM and that is only a short time distant. If anyone tells you that we are busy, just let it pass as an understatement. Boy, from 5:45 until 9:00, with the exception of about 30 minutes at noon and 1½ hours in the evening, we do not have time to even think for ourselves. To say nothing of heeding “Mother Nature”.

May 23

I was right. I could not finish it, and then, since…

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2 thoughts on “Army Life – Lad’s First Letter Home (2) – Training Continues – May 17, 1942

  1. Thank you for the Re-Blog, Janet. This letter is an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the start of the journey taken by so many young men during World War II. A fascinating look at a time too quickly being forgotten. Thank you for sharing it with your followers.


  2. Yes Judy I think back to that time. I was in primary school. My brother and his pals were graduating from high school in 1942 – and they promptly enlisted. They spent 3 1/2 years of their young lives in the Services. Fortunately for our family they all survived. But of course many paid the ultimate sacrifice. There is an Honor Roll in my home town (Belmont Mass.) to pay tribute to those who were killed.


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